10 Careers to Avoid

CareerCast releases its list of the most "endangered" jobs in the U.S.

10 Careers to Avoid Photo (cc) by takomabibelot

When it comes to choosing a career with job security, you may want to avoid careers that involve paper.

According to CareerCast’s recent report on the “10 most endangered jobs” in 2014, paper is the unifying theme behind four of the top 10 jobs that made its list.

Digital technology has had a significant impact on mail carriers, newspaper reporters, lumberjacks and printing workers – careers that have a projected growth outlook of -5 percent to -28 percent.

According to the report:

Consumers are not simply eschewing reading the news, but rather are consuming their information online and not in print.

Want to catch up on the latest news? Power on your smartphone or tablet and get the latest happenings from around the globe in one place. Want to read a book? Download any one of thousands of titles instantly.

CareerCast’s list is as follows, starting with the most “endangered”:

  1. Mail carrier.
  2. Farmer.
  3. Meter reader.
  4. Newspaper reporter.
  5. Travel agent.
  6. Lumberjack.
  7. Flight attendant.
  8. Drill-press operator.
  9. Printing worker.
  10. Tax examiner and collector.

I was surprised to see that farmers made the list. But, according to Forbes, CareerCast publisher Tony Lee said he is optimistic that farmers could make a comeback.

He cited consolidations in the industry as “mega-farms” take over “the smaller farmers in many communities” to explain the hiring outlook of -19 percent. “But the rise of organic farming seems to be creating a new wave of young farmers, which may help increase their numbers in the years to come.”

Is your job listed here? Are any of the endangered jobs a surprise to you? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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