10 Fun, Funky, Affordable Holiday Gifts for Your Best Girlfriends

10 Fun, Funky, Affordable Holiday Gifts for Your Best Girlfriends Photo (cc) by jayneandd

It’s tough to know what to give our girlfriends when the holidays roll around. We want to give something memorable but just can’t afford to go all out. The good news is that there are a host of fun, funky and friendship-themed gifts that cost very little but will mean a lot. Check out my 10 favorites:

1. Mini nail polishes

Do your friends like to try different nail polish colors but just never get the chance? Give her a mini polish set so she can experiment. Ulta offers a mini pack of four OPI polishes for just $13.95. Nordstrom is stocking a limited edition of “Roses in the Snow” nail color duo by Deborah Lippmann for $15.

2. Makeup bags

Women seem to never get a chance to replace makeup bags no matter how stained, ripped and worn they become. Give your best buddies a beauty boost with a new bag they’d be proud to pull out in the fanciest ladies’ rooms. Spend just $6.90 and give her a lovely Panda-decorated bag from Forever 21. Or go tropical with a makeup bag from Urban Outfitters for $9.99.

3. Forget-me-not key chains

Your best friend will think of you every time she pulls out her Forget-me-not key chain from CafePress for $11.97. Want something a bit more personal for a long-distance BFF? Try a key chain with a map outline and a line from your home to that of your bestie for just $15 on Etsy.

4. Lipstick sampler

Ever notice how women always reach for the same lipstick again and again? Why not give her a chance to experiment just a bit with a travel-size duo from Urban Decay, sold by Sephora for just $14. There’s a three-pack case for only $6.95 by H&M.

5. Photo mug

Your girlfriend has enough family photos. Don’t give her any more. Instead decorate a mug with a photo of her favorite celebrity crush. You can have one made by Shutterfly for about $18.99-$21.99.

6. Fuzzy slippers

You know slippers your mom and aunt wear, all fuzzy and funny looking? They’re comfy too and a great gift to give your best girlfriends. Find some great ones for $12.99-$13.99 at Amazon. There are even great ballet-style slippers for $17.99 at Target.

7. Coffee companion

Have regular phone dates with your long-distance friend? What about a set of mugs with your names and images talking on two tin cans? You can get a custom set for $29.99 from SincerelyEunice on Etsy.

8. Ring holder

She won’t be hunting for her ring – or risk having it go down the bathroom drain – when she has the chrome cat ring holder for just $8 on Amazon.

9. Apple aroma

Help her get some much-needed pampering with some delightfully apple-scented shower gel, shimmer lotion, body butter and sugar scrub. You’ll find it for $19 at The Body Shop.

10. Pretty business

Pretty up her business card presentation with a personalized business card case in pink, green, yellow or green chrome with lace edging. Kelly’s Magnets on Etsy has them for $18 each.

What inspired gifts have you found for girlfriends? Share with us in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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