19 Ingeniously Upcycled Pet Beds

19 Ingeniously Upcycled Pet Beds Photo (cc) by Etsy Ketsy

Annamarie Bevacqua supplements her income by selling pet beds.

She handcrafts them out of vintage suitcases her sister scopes out at thrift stores, using woodworking tools her father passed down to her, Bevacqua told The Dallas Morning News. Then she sells them for $50 to $200 apiece.

Perhaps it’s no wonder that pet owners are buying the beds. Americans spent an estimated record-breaking $58.5 billion on their pets last year, according to the American Pet Products Association.

But if you are just not ready to spend $200 on a custom pet bed, try making one yourself at a fraction of the cost. We’ve rounded up free tutorials for fashioning pet beds out of everything from tires to TVs to tables.

You can get an idea of a tutorial’s difficultly level from the tools and materials it requires.

Odds and ends

Photo courtesy of Ashlee Park / MySoCalledCraftyLife.comPhoto courtesy of Ashlee Park / MySoCalledCraftyLife.com

1. Suitcase

  • Ruche‘s simple tutorial calls for a suitcase, foam, fabric and scissors.
  • Mox & Fodder‘s requires a suitcase, pillow, pillow sham, hammer, screwdriver and “extreme muscle strength.”
  • Ashlee Park of My So Called Crafty Life literally steps it up a notch by adding feet as pictured above. Her tutorial requires a suitcase, pillow, pillowcase, wood ball feet or furniture feet, wood screws, drill, ruler and pencil.

2. Tire

  • Crafts & DIY Projects‘ video tutorial calls for a used tire, blanket, paint, paint supplies (for painting the tire) and cleaning supplies (for washing, drying and cleaning the tire).

3. Cardboard

  • Evil Mad Scientist‘s cardboard cat chaise lounge chair calls for big sheets of cardboard, downloadable PDF pattern, hot glue gun, markers, scissors or hobby knife, and a cutting mat or surface that could serve as a cutting mat.

4. Wooden shipping pallet

  • HGTV‘s tutorial requires a pallet, tape measure, nail puller, hammer, 1 1/2-inch finish screws, stainless steel finish nails, chop saw, carpenter’s pencil and drill. It does not include step-by-step directions for the bed pillow, but most of these other tutorials do.

5. Wine barrel

  • The Australian Owner-Builder Network‘s tutorial requires a wine barrel, bolts, nuts, sealer, plastic dip, wood stain, drill with bits, jigsaw with blades, hammer, pliers, chisel, Sharpie marker or pencil, and palm and belt sanders (both optional). Again, directions for the bed pillow are not included but can be found in other tutorials.

6. Fleece blanket

  • Dog Under My Desk‘s tutorial requires pillow stuffing, 1 1/4 yards to 1 1/3 yards of fleece fabric, sewing machine, thread and scissors. This bed is essentially a bean bag chair for pets.

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