3 ‘Best Bargain’ TVs Fit for Super Bowl 50

3 ‘Best Bargain’ TVs Fit for Super Bowl 50

If you’ve been waiting for a steal on a new TV, there are now plenty to pick from, according to Consumer Reports.

The nonprofit consumer watchdog recently published a list of 10 of the best bargains for a Super Bowl TV.

The list is the result of a review of all TVs rated by Consumer Reports. It includes models that “offer big-game-quality performance” and “very good or excellent high-definition picture quality” for as little as $300 and no more than $1,300.

We chose to highlight three of the least expensive models — two of the cheapest overall, and the cheapest “4K” model of the bunch that is available online.

Insignia NS-43D420NA16 HDTV

Consumer Reports calls this 43-inch model from a Best Buy house brand “a bare-bones TV” but notes that it “delivers on the basics: very good high-definition picture quality, plus a wider-than-average viewing angle.”

And priced as of Monday at $279.99 — which is $50 off the retail price — it’s by far the cheapest bargain on Consumer Reports’ list.

Vizio E48-C2

This 48-inch smart TV is part of Vizio’s entry-level E series, but Consumer Reports notes:

[It] delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and a wider-than-average viewing angle. It has a lot of features for the money, including the company’s smart TV service.

One drawback is sound quality, which is only fair, but that can be remedied by adding a sound-bar speaker.

As of Monday, this model could be found for less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $479.99 at:

Vizio M55-C2

If you’re after the best-quality resolution, known as “4K” technology, consider this 55-inch smart TV.

Consumer Reports praises it for:

  • Excellent high-definition picture quality
  • A full-array LED backlight with zones that can be locally dimmed, meaning that some areas of the screen can be darkened while others remain lit, helping improve contrast
  • [Doing] a good job of handling motion blur
  • A lot of features for the price, making it an ideal Super Bowl TV

As of Monday, this model could be found for less than the MSRP of $849.99 at:

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