3 Cable TV Companies Hiking Prices for 2020

3 Cable TV Companies Hiking Prices for 2020
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Here’s another reason to make 2020 the year you cut the cable cord: another round of price hikes.

Consumer Reports says the following providers of cable TV services have increased their costs recently or will do so in early 2020.


Starting Dec. 18, prices for some Comcast cable TV subscribers rose from $30 to $35 monthly for the Basic TV package, CR reported, citing a Cord Cutters News report. The fee for Comcast’s Broadcast TV leaped from $10 to $14.95 monthly — a 50% increase.


AT&T’s DirecTV customers will see prices for some plans increase starting Jan. 19. For example, the Premier plan will leap $8 monthly, while Xtra and Ultimate plans will cost $7 more monthly. Fees for regional sports network tiers also will increase up to $2 monthly for some customers.

Meanwhile, AT&T U-verse customers will see costs increase between $3 to $7 monthly for all plans except U-basic. The broadcast-TV fee also will rise by as much as $2 monthly.

More details are available on AT&T’s “TV price changes for 2020” webpage.


In the fall, Charter raised the price on three tiers of Spectrum TV service. Spectrum Select, TV Silver and TV Gold each increased by $7.50 monthly, according to the CR report. In addition:

  • The broadcast TV fee rose from $12 to $13.50 monthly.
  • The fee for renting mini cable boxes grew by 50 cents, to $8 monthly.

How to cut the cable TV cord

If such price hikes represent the final straw for you — or if you simply want to try to cut your TV costs for whatever reason — cutting the cord can be a great way to save. But only if you do it right.

As we point out in “Streaming Versus Cable: the Confusing Costs of Cutting the Cord,” saving money on TV service is not always straightforward:

“It can be deceptively difficult to figure out whether switching to streaming TV services or sticking with traditional paid-TV providers would be cheaper for you.”

To learn more about your options, check out Money Talks News’ latest coverage of streaming and cable TV services.

Have you cut the cord? Share your experience in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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