Prepare For Takeoff! Top Picks in Airline Credit Cards

Of the myriad choices, here are five of the best airline credit card deals to suit different travel styles.

Prepare For Takeoff! Top Picks in Airline Credit Cards Photo (cc) by berkuspic

It’s hard to sit on a flight or walk down a concourse these days without being offered an airline-branded credit card: A Visa or MasterCard with the airline’s logo promising perks ranging from free checked bags to free flights.

Should you get onboard?

The answer depends on factors including the amount of travel you do, whether miles are transferable, you can earn enough perks to offset annual fees and whether you pay off your credit cards monthly to avoid finance charges.

The cards below offer some of the best introductory deals and perks available. As you check them out, however, don’t focus solely on signup bonuses. Also think about how much you spend monthly. If it’s enough to regularly accumulate free flights or other perks from an airline you’re loyal to, hop aboard. But if you tend to fly whoever’s cheapest, don’t pull out the plastic often, or most important, regularly find yourself paying interest on unpaid monthly balances, wave goodbye to these cards. The annual fees and interest charges will quickly offset any potential perks.

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