5 Common Household Items That Cost More Than $500 a Gallon

You'll practically gasp when you see what you're spending on printer ink when you consider the per-gallon cost.

5 Common Household Items That Cost More Than $500 a Gallon Photo (cc) by osde8info

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Last year my mother-in-law sent me to the store to pick up some over-the-counter ointment for her dry eyes. When I saw the price for the tiny tube, I was floored. “What’s it made of?” I wondered. “Gold dust?” I tried to calculate the price per gallon in my head and quickly realized it was in the thousands.

We balk at the price of orange juice as it nears $6.50 a gallon, and no doubt grumbled about the price of gas when it hit almost $4 a gallon, but those prices may seem like a bargain when compared with these everyday items, all of which cost more than $500 a gallon.

Anything that costs more than $3.91 per ounce adds up to $500 a gallon. And you’d be surprised at what you’re using that costs that much. (Note: For this list, I’ve relied on prices on Amazon as of Oct. 23 unless noted otherwise.)

1. Eye drops — $3,336 per gallon

Dry eyes? Allergies? If you suffer from either, then, like me, you probably keep a bottle of eye drops handy at all times. Those tiny vials of liquid comfort aren’t cheap. For example, a bottle of Systane, the brand I carry because my eye doctor recommended it, runs $26.06 per ounce.

2. Makeup — $704 per gallon

Most women will tell you that keeping up appearances can be expensive. Whether it’s higher prices for basics like shaving cream or shampoo designed for women, or pricier services like hair color, manicures or waxing, the costs of a beauty regimen add up.

One example: liquid foundation. Even a relatively inexpensive brand, such as CoverGirl Clean, runs $5.50 an ounce.

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