7 Live TV Services That Are Now Cheaper Than YouTube TV

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Subscribers to the YouTube TV streaming service are about to get an unwanted summer surprise the next time they pay their bill.

The monthly cost of YouTube TV has jumped to $64.99 as the service increased the number of channels in its base plan to more than 85.

The new price is a whopping 30% increase over the most recent $49.99 monthly fee. It also makes YouTube TV the most expensive streaming alternative to cable, according to USA Today.

The $64.99 price is effective June 30 for new subscribers, and after July 30 for existing subscribers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that price to get great streaming entertainment. Following are a few services that are cheaper than YouTube TV.


This service has two live TV plans, both of which are now cheaper than YouTube TV. The one with ads — called “Hulu + Live TV” — is $54.99 per month. The one without ads — called “Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV” — is $60.99. Both plans include more than 65 channels of live and on-demand TV.


Compared to YouTube TV, this service is dirt cheap: $20 a month. It offers 60 channels.

Sling TV

At $30 a month, both of Sling TV’s live plans are cheaper than YouTube TV. The Sling Orange plan includes some 50 channels, while Sling Blue includes 30-plus channels.

Plus, you currently get an extended free trial of 14 days when you sign up.

AT&T TV Now Plus

The Plus plan offers more than 45 channels at $55 per month. Step up to the Max plan — with more than 60 channels — and you’ll pay $80, however.

3 free services

A handful of free streaming services now offer live TV. They include:

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The bottom line

If you are suffering a bad case of sticker shock thanks to the YouTube TV price hike, know that you can still save money by using other streaming services. In many cases, though, your savings will come at the cost of reduced channel selection.

So, before you jump ship to a new service, do a little homework. A search engine like JustWatch can tell you where to find the programming you want. Learn more in “This Search Engine Helps Cord-Cutters Find Their Favorite Shows.”

Also, remember that YouTube TV offers some features — unlimited recording and the ability to watch on multiple screens at once, for example — not found on all services. So, if those extras are must-haves, make sure any alternative you choose offers such goodies at a good price.

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