7 Ways to Beat Extra Airline Fees

Preparation can keep your airfare at its advertised price. Here's how to avoid the airline fees that can add to your travel costs.

7 Ways to Beat Extra Airline Fees Photo (cc) by Aero Icarus

This post comes from AJ Smith at partner site Credit.com.

The holiday season is here, and with it holiday travel. Whether you have to fly to your family or are planning your winter vacation, it is important to know about the process for your next flight.

If there is one thing we can be sure of, airlines will try to charge you annoying fees. Check out my best tips to avoid paying for things you don’t need on your next flight.

1. Check in before you head out

It is usually free to check in online, but many airlines are implementing fees if you wait to check in at the airport. And don’t forget to print or download the boarding pass, this will save you time as well as any additional fees.

2. Carry-on only

While it can be hard, the best advice I can give is to pack lightly, because baggage fees are the easiest fees to avoid paying. Almost all airlines allow free basic hand luggage, so carry on everything you can. Investigate what size handbags are allowed and stuff them as best you can. Rolling your clothes can help you squeeze in more than you thought possible.

3. Weigh your bags ahead of time

If you do need to check baggage, be sure you weigh it ahead of time on a luggage, or even regular, scale. Airlines will charge through the roof if you go over the weight allowance. If your bag is over the limit, try to remove some unnecessary items or move them to your carry-on.

4. Use compression bags

One of my favorite inventions is the vacuum-sealed bag. Compressing my clothes means I can fit way more into a single piece of luggage and leaves me options for my destination. Just be careful that this doesn’t put your bag over the weight limit.


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