8-Year-Old YouTube Star Makes $1.3 Million a Year

8-Year-Old YouTube Star Makes $1.3 Million a Year Photo (cc) by Rego - d4u.hu

Eight-year-old Evan posted a video review of the Angry Birds Softee Dough play set on YouTube last year. It was viewed more than 51 million times.

Altogether, EvanTubeHD, a fun, family-friendly YouTube channel that offers numerous video reviews of different games and toys, has accumulated 750 million views, making Evan a YouTube star and earning him big bucks.

“Evan rakes in $1.3 million a year from posting his toy reviews to YouTube,” Business Insider said. The money is reportedly funneled into investment and savings accounts for Evan and his sister.

We don’t know Evan’s last name. There’s no identifying information on his YouTube channel. His father told Newsweek:

My wife and I are a bit hesitant about publishing anything that could be used to track where we live or where the kids go to school. It may just be a case of paranoia or overprotective parents. But with the number of people who watch the videos and relative ease of finding personal information online, we’d rather err on the side of safety, especially since the kids are so young.

According to The Huffington Post, Evan works with his dad, Jared, who runs a photography and video production company, to make the videos.

“On camera, the endearing little boy (with occasional help from his sister and mom) tells his audience about the age recommendations for each toy and who might enjoy playing with them,” HuffPo said.

Evan’s video kingdom is continuing to grow. He’s launched two more YouTube channels – EvanTubeGaming and EvanTubeRaw.

Quite impressive for an 8-year-old, or anyone for that matter. In this case, it pays to go viral.

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