Woman with a computer and notepad at home
19 Purchases That Will Make You More Productive in Life

These affordable Amazon finds can give you an extra edge at work or in everyday life.

Happy retired couple
15 Places That Are Swarming With Retirees (Only 3 Are in Florida)

If you are 60 or older, one of these places might be calling your name.

Man irritated by co-worker
You Really Should Stop Bragging About This at Work

Discover why your office boasting may sabotage your success.

Man lying in hospital bed
He Fell Ill on a Cruise. Before He Boarded the Rescue Boat, They Handed Him the Bill.

A couple was left wondering if they’d make their next house payment.

Man upset at his phone
What If Your Vacation Rental Is Sold Right Before Your Trip?

Here’s what you need to know about your vacation rentals.

Scented plug-in air freshener
8 Reasons to Stop Buying Candles and Scent Plug-Ins

Americans love to perfume the air in cars and homes. But all those artificial scents may be jeopardizing your health and safety.

Senior woman having a bad headache and possible stroke
This Weather Pattern Is Now Linked to Higher Stroke Risk

The risk is highest among women and people over age 60, a large study found.

Young girl turning off a light switch
It’s Official: You Can Stop Turning Off Lights When Leaving a Room

Discover why experts say leaving the lights on no longer means you are wasting energy.

happy woman with cash
The Best Way I Know to Survive a Global Economic Crisis

Expanding your portfolio can help you shore up your assets and broaden your horizons.

junior high school students
How to Find Consignment Sales to Save Money on Kids’ Stuff

Use this guide to find good quality items for your kids while sticking to your budget.

doctor explaining care to senior man
8 Things Most People Don’t Know About Medicare

If you don’t understand some of these things, you could end up paying a whole lot more for health care.

Swimming with tropical fish
6 of the Cheapest Places to Live in the Caribbean

See how you can get the most bang for your buck at these tempting Caribbean locales.

Woman holding carrots.
8 Foods and Drinks That Are Full of Plastic

Your favorite foods could be contaminated.

worried and frightened older woman
The Top 10 Medical Fears of Older Americans in 2024

Spoiler alert: Money dominates in a new survey, but that’s not all. See what worries us most and what steps to take to ease those concerns.

Scared female driver
This New Car Feature Can Be Downright Dangerous

A new technology intended to make driving safer is not living up to its promise, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Business woman holding tablet.
The Best Investments to Achieve Your Retirement Goals

Mix and match these strategies to invest for retirement on your terms.

Father playing with his child
10 Cheap, Easy Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Keep your carpets in showroom condition with these budget-friendly homemade cleaners.

Excited happy couple looking at laptop while sitting on the floor at home
7 Changes to Your Credit You May Not Know About

How companies report and manage your credit has changed in recent years. Here’s what you should know.

Happy male driver
Far More Drivers Are Doing This As Car Insurance Rates Surge

Drivers in two regions of the country are especially likely to be looking for a new policy.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
10 Beach Towns Where Homes Are Downright Affordable Now

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to live close to the water.

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