Amazon Introduces Newest Kindle, Which Means … Big Savings on Older Models

If you are a Prime member — and don't need the latest, greatest gadget — you can score a sweet deal on the e-commerce giant's current Kindle lineup.

Amazon Introduces Newest Kindle, Which Means … Big Savings on Older Models Photo (cc) by bfishadow

Amazon plans to roll out a new Kindle next week. It will be the e-commerce giant’s eighth generation of the popular e-reader.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted the new Kindle announcement on Monday:

Heads up readers – all-new, top of the line Kindle almost ready. 8th generation. Details next week.

It’s not clear yet if the new Kindle will simply be unveiled to consumers next week or if the tablet will be available to purchase next week.

The e-commerce giant’s most recent e-reader model, the Kindle Voyage, was released in 2014.

Bezos’ announcement came on the heels of the company’s Kindle promotion for Prime members. From now through April 10, Prime members can get their hands on a Kindle, starting at just $49.99.

If you’re a Prime member, you can score the following deals on Amazon’s current Kindle lineup:

  • Standard Kindle: $49.99 ($30 off regular price)
  • Kindle Paperwhite: $90 ($30 off regular price)
  • Kindle Voyage: $149.99 ($50 off regular price)

I should note that the sale price on the Kindles will only show up during your Amazon checkout, not on the product page and not in your shopping cart.

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Do you have a Kindle? Are you more likely to buy an older, discounted Kindle or wait for the new one to arrive? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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