Amazon Launches Store Showcasing New Gadgets and Inventions

The e-commerce giant is working with startups to offer customers direct and exclusive access to freshly minted products.

Amazon Launches Store Showcasing New Gadgets and Inventions Photo (cc) by kodomut

Have you ever watched “Shark Tank” on TV and really liked a product, but weren’t sure where to buy it? It could end up on Amazon.

The e-commerce giant announced the launch of Amazon Exclusives, an online storefront that gives its customers access to new product inventions from new brands. Amazon said its storefront will sell an array of products, from electronic accessories to toys and sporting equipment, including some of the products featured on “Shark Tank.”

The company said a number of the products available through Amazon Exclusives have won innovation awards. Peter Faricy, vice president of Amazon Marketplace, said in a statement:

Our mission on behalf of customers is to make Amazon the destination for brands and innovators to launch and sell their products, providing our customers early access to new products. We understand that helping brands gain exposure for their award-winning new products is beneficial to customers that desire to be the first to have the hot new item.

The products featured in the Amazon Exclusives store can’t be sold through a third-party store or website. They are only available on Amazon, or through the company’s direct website or physical store. Many of the items are eligible for Prime two-day shipping.

“Consumers shopping through the Amazon Exclusives store will have confidence knowing that they are receiving the best price available for innovative new items,” said Michael Hsu, CFO for PERI, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, Calif. “From a business perspective, the new store is nirvana for a new brand, and the end result is Amazon’s customers will have access sooner to cooler products like the PERI Duo at affordable prices.”

How often do you shop on Amazon? Is Amazon Exclusives an online storefront where you would shop? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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