Amazon Quietly Introduces a Mobile Wallet App

The online mega-retailer’s digital wallet app works with Android and Fire phones.

Amazon Quietly Introduces a Mobile Wallet App Photo (cc) by Galería de ► Bee, like bees! <3

Is your wallet stuffed with gift, loyalty and reward cards? A new Amazon app can help you declutter.

Amazon Wallet made its debut in the Amazon Appstore and Google Play store last week, but chances are you (and most other people) haven’t even heard of it.

According to TechCrunch, the new digital wallet is still in its beta version. Although it doesn’t support mobile payments or the ability to store credit or debit cards, you can use it to save gift and store loyalty cards on your Android phone. You can either enter the card information manually or you can scan it with the phone’s camera. After you’ve saved the information, Amazon Wallet will display your cards’ balances and rewards information.

The new wallet app will be pre-installed on Amazon’s new Fire phone, which ships Friday. It is not available through Apple’s App store.

“At launch, the application is fairly limited, and clearly marked as ‘beta,’ but if the test goes well, Amazon will certainly add additional payment options, a very crowded market that today is largely dominated by the eBay-owned PayPal,” GeekWire said.

According to Mashable, it’s not known when a full version of the app will be complete, or if the company plans on releasing an iOS version for Apple products.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like (nor will I use) a mobile wallet app. But while I wouldn’t be comfortable inputting my debit and credit card information into a mobile wallet, the Amazon Wallet would be a great way to rid my wallet of all of my store loyalty cards. Too bad they don’t have an iOS version so I can try it out.

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