Ask Stacy: How Am I Supposed to Live on Social Security Alone?

A reader just retired and is worried that her retirement income won't be enough. She should be.

Making extra money

If Patricia can’t live on her current Social Security income, her best bet is probably to earn extra money. Fortunately for her and millions of people like her, it’s never been easier to do. The “gig economy” offers hundreds of ways to bring in a few extra bucks.

We’ve covered this topic specifically in articles like “12 Weird Ways Retirees Make Money,” but we’ve done a ton of stuff on earning extra money that will help anyone at any age. Here are 10 examples:

Bottom line? The bad news is that retiring on Social Security alone won’t be easy. The good news: There are so many new ways to earn extra money, with just a little initiative, you won’t have to spend your retirement hours dumpster diving or greeting people at Walmart.

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