Aaron Freeman

When it comes to money, been there, done that. I’ve climbed my way out of welfare and food stamps. I’ve dealt with massive credit card debts, loss of home, bankruptcy, job loss and divorce.

Today I’m debt-free, own two homes and two paid off vehicles. What I've learned: Always push forward and when you need help, find it.

I’ve been a video journalist since 1996, working for network affiliates in Elmira, NY, Binghamton, NY, two stations in West Palm Beach, Florida and one in Miami. I also did a stint with a Florida production company, traveling nationwide to film medical documentaries for PBS. I’ve won a few Associated Press awards and have seen the best and worst of America through my camera lens.

In 2012, I became production director for Money Talks News, with a simple mandate: Raise the bar for all our video. Today I wake up looking forward to harnessing my life experiences to create stories that will enhance yours.

A man reads a bill in shock while sitting on his couch at home
How I Converted a $5 Cable Fee into a Trip to Europe

on April 30, 2019

When my $5 cable fee ballooned to $600, it was time for a change. Here’s how I saved hundreds of dollars — and how you can, too.

Man holds head, looking at stock chart.
How to Invest in the Stock Market: 3 Awesome Lessons from History

on July 12, 2018

The history of the stock market stretches back hundreds of years. Find out the lessons investors have learned over the centuries — and how you can profit from such wisdom.

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