7 Fitness Apps That Save You Time and Money

Use these seven apps to turn your smartphone into a low-cost electronic personal trainer.

Having a tough time getting a handle on your fitness regimen? For many people, it’s hard to find both the time and the motivation to stick to an exercise program.

However, your smartphone can be your best friend when it comes to staying fit. Think of it as your own electronic personal trainer.

Following are some great fitness apps:

1. MapMyFitness

This app tracks all of your fitness activities, so you’re able to assess both strong points and areas that need improvement. During your workout, the app will track your distance, speed, pace, duration, calories burned and elevation.

All of this information can be shared via select social networks or email. MapMyFitness also includes a GPS device, which makes it easy to view your workout route.

2. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer offers a slew of interactive workouts to prevent you from hitting a figurative brick wall or growing bored.

Users can also view a new workout each day via the home screen widget and share routines they like best with friends and family across social media platforms.

3. Argus

Skip the pedometer and download Argus to your iPhone to begin tracking your steps. Argus also enables you to monitor calorie, water, coffee and tea intake. And if you decide to go for a run, the app also records your route via a built-in GPS.

Other useful features include food diaries via photo snapping, a built-in heart rate monitor, and goal-setting capabilities for hydration, steps and sleep time.

4. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

Who said you had to carve out an hour or more of your busy schedule to exercise each day?

This app contains a workout created by exercise physiology specialist Chris Jordan of the Human Performance Institute. All you need is a chair and a wall to get on track to becoming physically fit.

The app has a built-in timer and enables you to control the music as you progress. And if you desire to kick it up a notch, the app also contains 12 customizable workouts along with 36 exercises to keep you on track.

5. Lose it!

This app may be ideal for those trying to hit a weight-loss goal. Lose It! is equipped with a host of useful features to help you shed the pounds.

Log and share your favorite foods, or use the food database to monitor calorie intake. And to receive a dose of encouragement during those rough patches, connect with your closest supporters using the app’s social features.

6. Couch-to-5k

Have you always dreamed of running a 5k but can’t muster up the courage to get off the couch? This app can guide you to the finish line.

Tap a button to download the app and access the training plan created by a group of Active.com trainers. The built in GPS support helps you track distance and pace so you can track progress.

7. GymPact

This app is ideal for those having a hard time staying committed to achieving fitness goals. To get started, establish feasible veggie, food logging or gym pacts.

If you remain consistent, you receive cash from a pool of other users who didn’t follow through with their exercise plan. But if you skip out, you’ll be on the paying end of things.

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