Can’t Remember Where You Parked? Google Maps Can Help

New technology allows you to save your car's location so you can find it instantly.

Can’t Remember Where You Parked? Google Maps Can Help Photo by Neirfy /

A new Google Maps feature can keep you from the frustration of stalking around an open lot, wondering where you parked the car.

The technology rolled out this week for Android users. It allows you to tap the blue dot showing your location, which then offers the option to save your parking lot spot on the map.

You can also add details that further help you remember, such as the parking garage level where you left the car, or the amount of time before a meter expires. And if you’re meeting family or friends, you can send the parking location — complete with an image of the spot — to their phones.

Don’t have Android? Don’t worry. Google began offering a parking-locator feature to iOS users who use Google Maps last month. And Apple rolled out a similar feature for Apple Maps late last year. The Apple feature works automatically for iPhone and iPad users who connect an iPhone to their car using Bluetooth.

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Chris Kissell
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