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If you’re considering switching to an online bank, you might want to add Capital One to your list of options.

Banking customers themselves have rated Capital One’s mobile app the best banking app for customer service for the second consecutive year. Credit card customers also rated Capital One’s app highly, according to J.D. Power.

The market research firm recently released its latest annual studies of banking app and credit card app satisfaction.

The studies are based on polls of about 6,200 bank and credit card customers nationwide. The app scores are based on five factors, listed in order of importance:

  • Ease of navigation
  • Appearance
  • Clarity of information
  • Range of services
  • Availability of key information

The 4 best banking apps

The average overall satisfaction score that banking customers gave to mobile banking apps was 867 out of 1,000, which is a 12-point increase since 2017.

Four banking apps scored above average:

  1. Capital One: 888
  2. BB&T: 879
  3. Chase: 876
  4. Wells Fargo: 870

Six of these scored below the industry average:

  • Bank of America: 864
  • Citizens Bank: 862
  • Citibank: 861
  • TD Bank: 857
  • PNC: 856
  • U.S. Bank: 849

The 6 best credit card apps

The average overall satisfaction score that credit card customers gave to mobile credit card apps was 874 out of 1,000 points — a 2-point increase since 2017.

Six credit card apps earned above-average scores:

  1. American Express: 894
  2. Discover: 886
  3. Capital One: 884
  4. Barclay Card: 878
  5. Bank of America: 877
  6. Wells Fargo: 874

Four of these apps scored below the industry average:

  • Chase: 869
  • Citi: 861
  • Credit One Bank: 840
  • U.S. Bank: 828

If your credit card company’s app is poorly rated or you’re otherwise in the market for a new credit card, check out Money Talks News’ credit card search tool.

What it means for you

So, what makes a satisfying banking or credit card app? According to J.D. Power:

“The highest-performing apps in the study have a combination of high functionality and high performance, which means they have features such as multiple security login options, built-in chat functionality and account management functions, all of which are user-friendly and well-designed.”

Take a look at Capital One’s app, for example: It enables you to manage your account as you would expect but also offers various other functions. For example, you can lock your credit card if it’s lost, view your credit score through Capital One’s CreditWise program and send money to others via the Zelle app.

You can generally do such tasks by logging in to your account on a computer, of course. But the ability to do them via a smartphone app is usually handier in an age when many folks and their phones are attached at the hip.

Apps are also critical for online bank customers. While online banks tend to pay higher interest rates, they lack branches. So, many online bank customers use bank apps to deposit checks rather than driving to a branch to deposit them.

What’s your take on bank and credit card apps? Share your thoughts below or over on our Facebook page.

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