Enthusiastic About Your Job? Most Americans Say ‘Meh’

A Gallup poll finds that U.S. worker engagement is climbing out of the depths but is still nothing to brag about.

Enthusiastic About Your Job? Most Americans Say ‘Meh’ Photo (cc) by antigone78

More than two-thirds of American workers are not engaged at their jobs, according to the Gallup organization, but that number is higher than it has been recently.

Gallup reports that 31.9 percent of workers are engaged, a catchall term for people who are enthusiastic about and committed to their work. Such employees are generally more innovative and better drive growth and revenue.

Engagement has remained relatively stable through 2015, with the number staying between 31.5 and 31.9 percent. However, it’s been on a general climb since bottoming out at 27.9 percent in mid-2011.

Gallup found the managers are more engaged, with a rate of 40 percent. Still, that’s less than half, and almost surely undermines engagement among employees.

Gallup broke out the engagement level by sector, finding that after managers, the next most engaged group was clerical workers at 36 percent, “other” at 33.3 percent, professional at 31.9 percent, sales at 31.2 percent, and construction/mining at 28.3 percent. The least engaged workers were those in the service sector, where the rate of engagement was a lackluster 28.1 percent.

The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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