Everything Is Awesome if You Invested in Legos

Photo (cc) by Rob Young

Legos have gone up in value faster than savings accounts or gold, according to a report by the The Telegraph. Sets of the interlocking building blocks have increased in value by 12 percent each year since 2000, according the analysis. Gold, over the same stretch, saw a 9.8 percent gain, while savings only saw 2.8 percent gains.

The big catch, as with many collectibles, is that it applies mostly to those Legos that haven’t been played with – the mint-in-box standard that also applies to classic action figures. Completed sets can still fetch more than their original retail value, just not near as much. In cases where the set is still in the box, the appreciation can be astronomical. The biggest increase was for a set called “Café Corner,” which saw a 2,230 percent increase since its release in 2007.

Ed Maciorowski, founder of BrickPicker.com, a Lego price and investing site, told The Telegraph that even though some collectors are pushing up prices, Lego investing isn’t heading for a bubble because the Lego company doesn’t promote the secondary market.

Investment experts are cautious, noting that counting on Lego price appreciation isn’t really a wise way to plan for retirement.

What do you think. Is this the new big thing, or just another version of the Beanie Baby craze?

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