Frontier Tries Bundling for Fee-Weary Travelers

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Not everyone is a fan of Frontier Airline’s fee-dependent structure, which is based on dirt-cheap airfares and a la carte fees for pretty much everything else, including carry-on bags, seat selection and even a soda or coffee.

If you like Frontier, but don’t like feeling nickel-and-dimed for its unbundled services, the Denver-based airline’s new “The Works” package may alleviate many of your frustrations while saving you some cash.

The Works bundles some of Frontier’s popular a la carte offerings, including one checked bag, one carry-on bag, the best available seat, priority boarding and no fee for changing the ticket at a later time, into one deeply discounted package, which starts at $49.

“The Works gives you all the ‘extras’ for more than 60 percent off the price of purchasing these options individually,” Frontier said on its website.

Frontier President Barry Biffle is quick to defend the airline’s low-fare, high-fee model, which is similar to Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Air, but said the new bundled package is a direct response to disgruntled consumers, according to the Associated Press.

“We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from customers. They don’t like this fee or that fee,” Biffle said in an interview.

Frontier said its new bundled package could save fliers up to $100 each way on a direct flight or $110 each way on a connecting flight, The Denver Post reports.

In other Frontier news, the airline recently announced it’s widening its middle seat to provide more comfort for passengers stuck in the dreaded center seat.

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