PC Gamers: Heads Up for Steam Sale

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If you want to get something for the PC gamer in your family, this is your chance to get it at a deep discount.

The event: The Steam Summer Sale is slated to start at 9:45 a.m. PT Thursday (June 23) according to the UK version of PayPal, which announced the sale. There’s no official end date listed for the sale, but Steam’s past sales usually last for about a week.

Steam, operated by a company called Valve, is a wildly popular platform for purchasing and downloading video games. According to Techspot, the sale will likely see $20-$30 reductions on newer games (which can retail for about $60) and maybe steeper discounts on older games. Steam sometimes includes other promotions in its sale, but there’s no word yet on these.

Valve bills Steam as the world’s largest online gaming platform with more than 35 million active users and access to more than 3,500 games.

(If you want to give a game but have no idea what to choose, consider buying your gamer friend/child/spouse a gift card, available through the usual retailers.)

Paypal also announced two previous Steam sales, though, according to Techspot, that information leak was “accidental.” This time, the report said, Paypal has an official blessing to announce the event.

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