Get Computer Questions From Your Parents? You’re Going to Love This

If you're heading home for the holidays, you might be asked to help mom, dad or grandma with their computer. Frustrating? Not any more, thanks to these great videos from Google.

Get Computer Questions From Your Parents? You’re Going to Love This Photo (cc) by sfllaw

We’ve all been there – you walk in the parent’s door, take your coat off, and here it comes – “Say, son, once you’ve relaxed for a while, think you could help me with this darn computer? It stopped printing about six weeks ago.”

If that sounds familiar, Google has what might just be the greatest gift of family harmony ever devised: a super-simple series of videos to help your parents (or anyone) work through simple computer questions, like how to:

It’s called, and if you’ve ever gotten frustrated trying to help someone with simple computer tasks, you’re going to love it. All you do is go to the site, tell Google who you want to send to, what videos you want to send, supply their email address, and the site does the rest. Here’s what it looks like…

Now, if Google can just come up with the answer to “Why aren’t you having kids?”

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