Got Chrome? Here’s How It Can Save You Big Money Shopping Online

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, these free add-ons will make it unbelievably easy for you to get the best deals on online purchases.

Got Chrome? Here’s How It Can Save You Big Money Shopping Online Photo by lightwave media /

Americans, myself included, love to shop online. It’s quick, convenient and you don’t have to leave your couch or get out of your pajamas. What’s not to love?

Now imagine if you could save big bucks shopping online without having to comparison shop or search for coupons and coupon codes, which can often be time-intensive.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, you don’t have to imagine any longer. There are some amazing Chrome “extensions” that do all the work for you and are guaranteed to save you money next time you shop online. (Extensions are small software programs that you can add to modify how your browser works.)

Here are four that you can easily add for free to help you automatically save:

  • Honey: By far one of the most popular money-saving extensions available, Honey automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online. No more searching the web for the best coupons, Honey does the work for you. If you shop at a Honey-supported online store, like eBay, Walmart or Target, among others, you can earn “HoneyGold,” which can be redeemed for cash or a gift card. Read more about Honey here. The extension is also available for Mozilla Firefox.

  • Pricescout: Not only does Pricescout automatically check for coupons, it also comparison-shops at 21,000 stores to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. “You don’t have to click anything and you no longer need to open a new tab and go to a price comparison site,” Pricescout explains.
  • The Camelizer: It can be frustrating to purchase an item on Amazon or another site and then see that it sells for a cheaper price later, but that’s the name of the game when you shop online. The Camelizer makes it super simple to see the price history of a product from one of their supported retailers so you know if you’re clicking “buy” at the right time. You can also use it to send you price drop alerts. Read more about the Camelizer here. This extension is also available for Firefox.
  • Fakespot: I routinely read product reviews on Amazon before I make a purchase, but it’s getting more and more difficult to determine if a review is real or fake. This is where Fakespot shines. It “analyzes reviews intelligently and calculates a grade based on the authenticity of reviews,” the Fakespot website explains. It’s also available for Firefox.

Have you used any of these extensions when you shop online? Share your experiences below or on our Facebook page.

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Krystal Steinmetz
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