Hate Flying? These Airlines Might Change Your Mind

Flying can be fun, especially when you choose one of these seven customer-friendly airlines.

Hate Flying? These Airlines Might Change Your Mind Photo (cc) by loiclemeur

Canceled flights, lost baggage, overbooked planes, bad customer service – it seems that airline passengers have a lot to complain about these days.

But some airlines are trying to mix things up by putting their passengers first and offering extra amenities, while still keeping prices low.

According to Caroline Costello with SmarterTravel, these seven airlines want to make you love flying again.

  • Turkish Airlines. This carrier flies to more countries than any other carrier in the world, treating its passengers to chef-prepared meals and email and texting capabilities. “The two-story megalounge is outfitted with a playground, showers, massage beds, a golf simulator, food stations serving fresh regional foods, and even private little rooms with beds for naps,” Costello said.
  • Porter Airlines. A 32-inch seat pitch in economy and no middle seats – need we say more? Add in complimentary beer and wine and affordable fares and it’s no wonder that Porter was named the world’s best small airline for 2013 in the Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Emirates. On its way to becoming the world’s largest airline, Emirates’ jumbo jets feature onboard lounges and shower spas for the premium class, plus complimentary wine and cocktails for the economy travelers. Emirates also has kid-friendly TV shows and activity packs.
  • JetBlue. One free checked bag, free DirecTV and great customer service appeal to fliers. Plus, some planes have fast Wi-Fi, and you can even purchase lie-flat transcontinental seats. Sounds great, right?
  • OpenSkies. Affordability or comfort? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose just one when you fly on this British Airways subsidiary. Personal preloaded iPads and comfy leather seats greet economy travelers. Plus, OpenSkies offers cheap fares. For example, a PremPlus fare between New York and Paris starts at $1,299 round trip, and it includes fully reclining seats.
  • Virgin America. Mood lighting, touch-screen food and drink order menu, plus a redesigned boarding pass that you can easily fit into your pocket. Virgin America wants its passengers to have an easy, comfortable flying experience.
  • Asiana Airlines. “Asiana just revamped its A380 planes, adding first-class suites that have doors, closets and beds; starlit cabin ceilings; real ovens for cooking food; and even social areas with bars and lounges,” Costello said. Plus, your kids can take in a live magic show during the flight. What more can you ask for?

Wow. Sure beats the complimentary soda and bag of pretzels I usually get when I fly.

What’s your favorite airline? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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