Heads Up! FAA Gives Amazon Approval to Test Drones

The online retail giant will now be allowed to test drones outdoors in push for package delivery by air.

Heads Up! FAA Gives Amazon Approval to Test Drones Photo (cc) by topgold

Amazon has finally received the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration to experiment with unmanned drones outdoors.

According to the FAA, Amazon was issued an experimental airworthiness certificate, which will allow the e-commerce giant to fly unmanned drones below 400 feet during daylight hours. The FAA has also stipulated that the drones remain in sight of the pilot.

The FAA requires that Amazon submit monthly data reports that will include: the number of drone flights, any unusual malfunctions, deviations from air traffic controllers’ instructions, and any unintentional loss of communication links. The data report is typical of all experimental airworthiness certificates issued by the FAA.

Amazon first announced its desire to use unmanned delivery drones in December 2013. It petitioned the FAA for permission to test a drone delivery service last summer.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba launched drone delivery trials in China in February.

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