Here Are the Most Popular Toys in Your State

A new analysis identifies the top trending toys in each state this holiday season.

Here Are the Most Popular Toys in Your State Photo (cc) by Steve Rhodes

Shopping for a kid in Colorado or Hawaii? A Rubik’s Cube is a great gift. My Little Pony toys are hot in New Mexico. And hockey gear (not surprisingly) appears to be a highly sought-after gift for children in Alaska.

That’s according to savings site SumoCoupon, which recently tracked the most trending gifts for kids in each state.

“We’ve analyzed Google Search Volume and used Google Trends, as well as a variety of top toy and classic toy lists, to determine the most popular toys across the U.S.,” SumoCoupon said.

The findings show that specific toys appeal to “geographic pockets of interest,” says CBS MoneyWatch. For instance, top gifts in the Northwestern states are bicycles and art supplies, while parents in some Southern states (Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia) are on the hunt for age-appropriate tablets for their kids.

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When you’re toy shopping, you may want to avoid these potentially dangerous toys.

Bikes are big in Montana. My toddler is getting a balance bike. He’s a little too small for it still, but that’s OK because it’s typically so cold here in the winter that he won’t be able to use it outside until next spring anyway.

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