How to Save on Guy Stuff

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Get it together, guys.

According to a Nielsen study released last month, men are more likely to buy designer brands — and spend more money on them — than women. It might be because, according to Nielsen, men shop more compulsively, and look for sale and promotional items less than women.

There’s no reason to spend boatloads on guy products. Check out these five tips to find ways to save.

1. Shop your style

It’s simple: Don’t wear thick black frames and squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans just because everyone else is doing it. Wear what you’re comfortable in, and go from there. Think you don’t have a style? You do. Here’s how to pinpoint it:

  • Go through your closet and pick the shirts you wear most. Be sure to pick a variety — like two T-shirts, two button-downs, etc. Do the same with your shoes, pants and any accessories.
  • Notice the prevalent style. Are your jeans bootcut or skinny? Are your T-shirts plain or adorned with logos? Do you wear bright colors or muted ones?

Once you’ve figured out what you wear most, keep it in mind and shop for what will go with those favorites. You’ll buy clothes you can assemble into outfits, not add to the never-wear clothes in the back of the closet.

And while you’re at it, sell the clothes you don’t wear. Then check out 18 Tips to Dress for Less for tips like:

  • Buying out of season.
  • Shopping at outlet stores (cautiously).
  • Buying the right size.

2. Tailor secondhand designer brands

If it looks good on you, no one is going to care what brand name you’re wearing. But if you’re really keen on buying designer names, consider getting clothing secondhand and taking it to the tailor. Tailoring costs vary, but you can get an idea of what you’re going to pay from this Real Simple article, Prices for Common Clothing Alterations.

I’ve used a tailor’s talent on a $20 Ralph Lauren sports coat found at a local thrift shop that looked great but was too bulky. After $75 in tailoring, I had a jacket that was comfortable, fit well and cost less than $100.

3. Find the right cologne

Finding discount cologne isn’t easy, but you don’t have to pay full retail price. When it comes to cologne, always test it in the store first, then comparison shop. For example:

  • Write down the retail price (or snap a photo with your smartphone).
  • Compare local prices with an app like RedLaser that tells you what other shops in your vicinity are selling that item and for how much.
  • Do a quick search on a price comparison site or app like to see what online stores are selling.

When you’ve identified a scent you might like but you’re not sure you want to plop down, say, $64.28 for a bottle of Armani, buy a sampler instead. For example, you can grab 1 milliliter of Armani for $7.48 ($2.49 plus $5.99 shipping) at Then try it out for a week before deciding on the big bottle.

Finally, to make your cologne last longer:

  • Get in the habit of only wearing it when you’re going out.
  • Practice moderation: One or two sprays is enough.
  • For freshness, keep the cap on and store in a cabinet.

4. Don’t pay full price for video games

A new game will run you $60, but I haven’t paid that price in a long time. Follow the tips below to find games at discounted prices.

Amazon pre-order specials. Be on the lookout for deals that come bundled with gift cards. For example, the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins on Amazon is currently $59.99, but comes with a $10 Amazon gift card and has free release-day delivery (for many areas). I pre-ordered the latest Mortal Kombat for $60 and it came with a $20 gift card.

Computer games. I find the best deals on Steam, a free third-party service that routinely offers daily, weekly, weekend and holiday specials. I regularly buy games at up to 75 percent off on sale days. Steam is available for both Windows and Mac.

Additionally, check online for deals at sites like GameStop’s price drop list and’s game section, which aggregates deals from around the Web.

5. Save on shaving razors

All guys have to shave. But buying a dozen razors (or less) for $35 is a rip-off. Follow these tips instead:

Save online. offers three types of razors at varying monthly prices: $3 for two blades (includes shipping), $6 for four blades, and $9 for six blades. You’ll get five cartridges of the two-blade razors and four cartridges of the four- and six-blade razors each month. There’s no commitment, and for the first shipment and when you downgrade or upgrade blades, you’ll get a free razor handle. offers its own brand of discount razors. The site has a monthly “Frugal Dude Pack” featuring a different combination of razor blades. For example, this month’s pack is advertised as about a year’s worth of razors for only $30.22. Also, the blades are interchangeable with any Dorco handle.

Extend your razor blade’s life. If your blade is getting rough, don’t toss it just yet. You can get some extra life out of your blades by resharpening them with this quick, budget stropping method:

  • Get a pair of jeans or some jean cloth.
  • With the blade attached to the handle, run the razor over the jean cloth, pushing away from you (i.e., don’t shave the cloth).
  • Pick up the razor and bring it back to the start, repeating 10 to 20 times.

Do you have any tips for saving on guy products? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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