Below are stocks I currently own in my personal portfolio, as well as the price I paid, the date I bought them, and their current value. This isn’t a selective group: With the exception of my retirement accounts, these are all the stocks I own.


The stocks you buy should be a reflection of your net worth, your age, your tolerance for risk, your liquidity needs and a host of other factors. The stocks below are suitable for me, but they may not be for you. In short, don’t even think of suing me if these picks don’t work out. Do your own research and make your own informed decisions!

The reason I’m putting this portfolio online is I believe those in the business of offering financial advice to others should be accountable. They should be willing to put their money where their mouth is. As far as how much of my net worth the stocks below represent, that I won’t disclose. But I will say it’s not “play money”: It’s a significant portion of my non-retirement savings.

A couple of other things:

  • I’m an investor, not a trader. In my opinion, trying to time the market is a fool’s game. These are long-term investments – most of these stocks I intend to hold for years, not months, and certainly not days. So don’t expect to see a lot of activity.
  • I periodically update the quantity and average price paid due to reinvested dividends. That explains the weird number of shares.

The shares you see below includes everything I’ve bought, sold and held since 2008, along with reinvested dividends. Since I only update this list when I get around to it, the number of shares may not be up to date, but the prices are automatically updated continually.

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