IRS Gives Taxpayers More Time to Pay

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March 21 update: The IRS has announced officially that the deadlines for both filing and paying have been extended to July 15.

March 18 update: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin clarified this morning that the federal government is giving taxpayers an extra 90 days to pay any 2019 taxes they might owe but is not giving them more time to file their 2019 tax returns, CNBC reports. So, you still must file your federal tax return by April 15.

Trying to fight the new coronavirus with one hand while paging through tax documents with the other? Now, you can turn 100% of your attention toward the virus, as you should.

Americans will get a 90-day extension of their tax deadline — to July 15 — due to the threat posed by COVID-19, the federal government announced Tuesday.

During a press conference, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said filers will have an extra 90 days to pay federal income taxes due on up to $1 million in taxes owed, CNBC reports. No interest or penalties will be owed until after July 15.

Most years, taxes are due by April 15. The extension should give millions plenty of time to crunch the numbers and file a return.

Still, if you expect a refund, you may not want to take advantage of the extension: The sooner you file your return, the sooner you can receive your refund.

Also, note that the extension announced Tuesday only applies to federal income taxes. If your state collects income taxes, don’t assume its deadline is the same as that of Uncle Sam. Check with your state’s income tax collecting agency, which you can find listed on the IRS’ “Government Sites” webpage.

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