Lost Luggage? No Problem: It Can Tell You Where It Is

GPS tracking chips in bags may be the answer to tracking down lost airline luggage.

Lost Luggage? No Problem: It Can Tell You Where It Is Photo (cc) by buba69

Nothing puts a damper on a trip like lost luggage. But GPS technology could put all of your lost luggage concerns to rest for good.

So-called smart luggage would feature embedded GPS tracking chips that could transmit a signal of their location to travelers, and maybe even contact airlines if they get lost. Or it could be a simple GPS bag tag. According to CBS Miami:

“In a few years, we’re not going to see paper bag tags that date from the 1930s,” said travel expert George Hobica. “We’re going to see everyone have their own reprogrammable bag tag.”

The reprogrammable digital luggage tags would be linked to a smartphone, where you could input your flight information and check your bag.

British Airways is testing digital baggage tags and Air France-KLM has a digital luggage tag and a tracking bag beacon in the works, The New York Times said.

According to CNN Money, jumbo jet producer Airbus has developed a smart bag. Dubbed Bag2Go, it has an embedded GPS chip and comes with a smartphone app that allows you to track it. The bag can also weight itself. The hope is that it would allow for self-service check-in.

AT&T has a similar bag in development, as well as an attachable tag in the works.

“The ultimate plan is for the luggage to work with airlines’ IT systems, contacting the carriers directly and arranging for delivery to your home or hotel,” CNN Money said.

Unfortunately, you can’t go out and buy GPS tracking luggage just yet. The products are still in development. And they’ll also need a stamp of approval from the feds, CNN Money said.

This is genius. My luggage has been lost on numerous occasions – including on my honeymoon to Maui – and I don’t even fly that often. A reliable way to track your bag could definitely take some of the stress out of traveling.

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