Love Hot Dogs and Pizza? Get the Combo

Here's the skinny on Pizza Hut's latest attention-seeking combination. Will you bite?

Love Hot Dogs and Pizza? Get the Combo Photo (cc) by markhillary

A pizza with a hot-dog-stuffed crust may sound like a make-believe food dreamed up by a toddler, but it’s a real thing and it’s coming to a Pizza Hut near you.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza will make its big debut June 18 at select Pizza Hut locations. It’s essentially a pizza ringed by 28 pigs in a blanket, or as The Washington Post described it: “a pizza surrounded by a halo of hot dogs.” It’s served with a side of French’s mustard.

International variations of the hot dog pizza have been sold in South Korea, the U.K., Australia and Canada, Business Insider said.

International Pizza Huts are known for releasing obscure and over-the-top foods. Singapore’s “Double Sensation” pizza was essentially a pizza-within-a-pizza. Pizza Hut Middle East released two separate pizzas, one with a crust stuffed with cheeseburgers, and the other with a crust stuffed with chicken nuggets.

Last summer, Pizza Hut introduced a cookie pizza in an effort to boost sagging sales. The pizza chain also launched 10 new crust flavors, including honey sriracha and salted pretzel (my personal favorite), late in 2014.

A tweet from Pizza Hut offers a sneak preview of the new dog-pizza.A tweet from Pizza Hut offers a sneak preview of the new dog-pizza.

Pizza Hut recently announced it will remove all artificial colors and preservatives from its food by the end of July, falling in step with similar moves by McDonald’s, Panera, Chipotle and other restaurant chains aimed at attracting increasingly health-conscious consumers.

This new pizza-hot dog combo is certainly another effort by the pizza chain to grab consumers’ attention, though it probably wouldn’t hold up to a nutritionist’s scrutiny.

A one-topping Hot Dog Bites Pizza starts at $11.99. A side of French’s mustard comes free.

I love hot dogs and pizza, so I will undoubtedly give this crazy pizza combo a try, despite how bizarre it sounds.

What do you think of Pizza Hut’s new Hot Dog Bites Pizza? Share your thoughts below.

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