Macy’s Overhauls Its Coupon Policy

The department store chain is changing how it manages pricing. Find out what the changes will mean for coupon-happy shoppers.

Macy’s Overhauls Its Coupon Policy Photo (cc) by Phillie Casablanca

Macy’s will no longer accept coupons for clearance-priced items.

The department store chain recently announced that it’s nixing clearance coupons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still score a good deal on a clearance item.

Macy’s – which will continue to accept coupons for its regular price and reduced-price sale items – says it will more deeply reduce the price of its clearance items. The change is an effort to help shoppers know how much they’re paying – whatever amount is marked on the clearance sticker – before they’re at the checkout register, CNN Money reports.

“Before there was a lot of math,” a Macy’s spokesperson told CNN Money on Friday. “Now, pricing is simple and clear.”

Macy’s tested different clearance strategies at stores across the nation before settling on this one.

“The move is effectively a bet that shoppers prefer simplicity over the thrill of demonstrating their shopping savvy,” the Washington Post says.

The retailer is also moving all of its clearance items to two areas – one in the men’s department and one in the women’s department – instead of having numerous clearance racks spread throughout the store.

What do you think of Macy’s changes to its coupon and clearance policies? Do you like seeing a sticker price and knowing what you’re paying or did you like using coupons on clearance items? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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