Man Pays $9 Million for License Plate

A self-described "simple man" recently dropped millions of dollars to get his hands on a particular license plate. Find out why he was willing to pony up for that plate.

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For drivers wanting to show off their prestige and wealth when hitting the road in the United Arab Emirates, it’s all about the license plate — the lower the single-digit number on the front of the government-issued plate, the better.

That’s why Indian businessman and Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni just dropped 33 million dirhams — or $9 million — to purchase license plate No. 5 at a government auction in October, Bloomberg reports.

The No. 5 plate now adorns one of Sahni’s six Rolls-Royce cars, according to CNN Money. The wealthy businessman also owns a No. 9 license plate, which he purchased with a winning bid of 24.5 million dirhams — or $6.7 million — in 2015. The No. 9 plate is also affixed to one of Sahni’s Rolls-Royce cars.

CNN Money says he has two additional Rolls-Royces on order, which will bring his collection of the luxury cars to eight.

Sahni described himself to CNN Money a “simple man.” He says he’s gotten a lot of attention and photo requests since he purchased the No. 5 license plate for $9 million.

The record for the most money spent on a license plate in the United Arab Emirates goes to businessman Saeed al-Khouri. Bloomberg says in 2008, al-Khouri dropped 52.2 million dirhams — or $14.2 million — to purchase the No. 1 license plate.

Bloomberg says the proceeds from the license plate auctions go to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority.

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