Monday’s Money Deals: Cereal, iPads, and Free Pizza

This week's bargains include magazine subscriptions, Home Depot discounts, an iPad price drop, free pizza, free breadsticks, and more.

This week’s best deals: cereal, electronics, and home improvement projects. March Madness? No, that’s next week – this is just your regular old unpredictable savings.

On the freebies front, now’s a good time for some pizza. Pizza Hut is offering free breadsticks with any order when you use coupon code FBFAN. And you can get a free large pizza from Domino’s Pizza when you pay for a second one using coupon code ACCESS.

It also might be time to stock up on cereal for the kids — or yourself, if you’re into the sugary kind. Amazon’s got several favorite brands on sale, including Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, and Apple Jacks. Prices vary a little bit, but you can pick up 3 or 4 boxes for $6-8 on these and several others, so check on the ones you or the kids like. Use the “subscribe and save” feature to get an extra 15 percent off.

You can snag a 3-year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine for about $10, which is about 90 percent off the cover price. Use coupon code MPS12.

Working on anything around the house? Home Depot might have a discount for you. Save 70 percent on select lighting – lots of chandeliers and fancy stuff – with coupon code PRES70. Meanwhile, PRES50 will save 50 percent on power tools and accessories or painting tools.

Speaking of painting supplies, you can save on the arty kind at Michael’s with a 40-percent-off coupon. You can take 40 percent off any one item, or 40 percent off all items if they fall into certain categories: paints, pencils, pastels, and markers.

Amazon’s got some digital cameras on sale for everyday use. Save $40-60 on various Nikon digital cameras with some going as cheap as $100.

And with the iPad 2 debuting this week, Apple’s dropping the price of the original. That means you can get a 16 GB first-generation iPad for $399 new, or a refurbished one for $50 cheaper.

And to end on a random note, got any interest in a bright blue wig? It’s only $5. While it’s designed for women, someone in the comments says, “I’m a guy, and it looks wonderful on me,” so don’t be shy.

That’s all for this week, folks. Share your great bargains and weird deals in the comments, and come back next week for more.

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