New Year, New You, New Us

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Happy New Year!

As every year begins, we tend to reflect on the year gone by, as well as resolve to make ourselves and our lives better during the year ahead. It’s a trend so commonplace, it has a label in the publishing biz: “New Year, New You.”

If my shaky memory serves, Money Talks News is now entering its 25th year. (Yes, we’ve been around since before there was an Internet.) I’ve been reflecting on where we’ve been, where we’re going and what we can do in the year ahead to better serve you, our faithful readers and viewers.

Where we’ve been for the last 24 years is providing news you can use, in both print and video. We’re going to continue that tradition, but at the same time evolve into something new as well.

Answers to every question, services for every need

My vision has always been to provide not just advice and answers to consumer questions, but solutions to any conceivable need, from a mortgage to a more affordable cellphone.

Over the last year, we’ve come a long way in that direction. In 2014, we formed a partnership with one of the nation’s largest credit counseling organizations to provide these services:

And that’s not all. We also partnered with a cellphone company offering free talk, text and data. A few months ago we became one of the only websites offering low-cost car loans from credit unions nearby and nationwide. We now can hook you up with personal loans and the best in online brokerage services.

Through other partnerships formed in the past, we continue to offer:

In short, our Solutions Center, which you can find at the top of this page and every page, is packed with pretty much everything you need to confront virtually any consumer challenge. And many of our partnerships weren’t formed with anonymous companies, but with people I personally know and trust.

Bottom line? When the new you has a need in the new year, visit our new Solutions Center. It’s an important part of the new us.

How else can we help?

We’re always on the lookout for information and tools to help you make more, spend less or make your life easier. When we find them, you’ll find them our Solutions Center. So check back now and then. And remember, this site is for you. Anytime you have a suggestion, let us know! I personally see every piece of correspondence and every Facebook post. It may be tough to believe in this day and age, but your opinion actually counts here. So when you get a minute, drop me a line, even if it’s just to say hello.

One last thing: If you like what you see here, please spread the word. Our advertising budget is tiny. We depend on people like you to help us grow.

Here’s to a healthy, and wealthy, 2015!

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