No One Wins Buffett’s $1 Billion March Madness Prize

All contestants have been eliminated in Warren Buffett’s NCAA perfect bracket challenge.

No One Wins Buffett’s $1 Billion March Madness Prize Photo (cc) by david.dames

Warren Buffett can breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone has reportedly been eliminated in the $1 billion NCAA perfect bracket contest sponsored by Quicken Loans and Yahoo Sports, and backed by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

It’s really no surprise, according to CNN Money.

One estimate puts the odds of picking a perfect bracket at 9.2 quintillion to one — an awkward, rarely used number that can also be thought of as 9.2 billion-billion. Those odds are longer than the likelihood of winning Powerball and Mega Millions in the same weekend.

We first told you about the contest in January.

The University of Dayton’s upset of Ohio State eliminated 84 percent of contestants in Buffett’s challenge. CNN Money said nearly all remaining hopes of winning the $1 billion were dashed Friday, when powerhouse Duke – the choice of 98 percent of Yahoo bracket fans, was upset by Mercer University.

The final blow came when Memphis beat out George Washington, knocking out the remaining three bracket holders, ABC News said.

But those with imperfect brackets may still have a chance to win. According to ABC, Quicken Loans is offering $100,000 runner-up prizes for the 20 most accurate brackets.

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