Fashion Forward: Nordstrom Offers ‘Shop-By-Text’

Fashion Forward: Nordstrom Offers ‘Shop-By-Text’ Photo (cc) by fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

Attention Nordstrom shoppers: You can now make your purchases at the upscale department store without visiting the store in person or online. The retailer recently launched TextStyle, a fashionably new shop-by-text option.

Nordstrom is the first retailer in the U.S. to offer shoppers the option to make purchases via text message, according to a company press release.

Here’s how shopping with TextStyle works: Shoppers who opt-in to Nordstrom’s Next texting service can text a favorite salesperson about an item they’re seeking, and the salesperson will reply with store products, Internet Retailer reports.

The shopper then has the option to purchase the recommended item by replying “buy” with a unique code. The purchase is completed with the customer’s account information. Items are shipped directly to the customer for free.

“TextStyle is an important step forward in our continued efforts to develop ways to serve customers on their terms,” Jamie Nordstrom, president of Nordstrom stores, said in a statement. “For customers who prefer text messaging, TextStyle is a way for our salespeople to provide a personalized styling experience and for customers to view and buy seamlessly with the convenience and simplicity of a text message, wherever and whenever they like.”

According to Fortune, about 21 percent of Nordstrom’s revenue comes from e-commerce. The retailer plans to spend more than $1.5 billion over the next few years to push its tech forward and lure customers.

“[TextStyle] is the latest weapon developed by Nordstrom in what is becoming an increasingly heated arms race among luxury retailers looking to dazzle customers with new ways of shopping and one-upping rivals with new technology,” Fortune said.

Shopping via text is an interesting concept, especially for people who don’t want to spend time searching for an item online or in a store. It seems like a quicker way to shop. (It also seems like a quicker way to part with hard-earned cash!)

Does shopping via text appeal to you? Share your comments below.

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