Reflective middle-aged woman
Can Congress Still Fix Social Security?

An expert weighs in on a few ways the government can save the retirement benefits system.

Couple saving money
How to Retire With $2 Million

$2 million is the new $1 million, and here’s how to get that much into your retirement savings account.

Woman cooking at home
8 Leftover Foods We Often Waste — and How to Use Them Instead

Spare yourself a shopping trip, cut back on food waste and save money with these smart tips.

6 Sane Ways to Lower Your Pet Bills
6 Sane Ways to Lower Your Pet Bills

On a tight budget? That’s OK. Your pet still will get excellent care when you follow these money-saving tips.

Carpenter with his tools
11 Product Brands That Offer a Lifetime Warranty

These companies promise to guarantee your purchase for its lifetime — if not longer.

Woman calls for a timeout or a stop
8 Good Reasons to Cancel Netflix

Don’t assume you’re getting your money’s worth — take a moment to think about it.

Man preparing home for a hurricane
19 States That Have Costly Hurricane Deductibles

You can pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket in these states to repair damage.

Woman at the beach
12 Items Under $50 You Need for Your Next Day at the Beach

These inexpensive Amazon finds can help ensure your upcoming day at the shore goes off without a hitch.

Woman getting flu vaccine
Can a Flu Shot Protect You From Severe COVID-19 Illness?

In some cases, the protective effect was large.

Sam's Club TVs
Sam’s Club Shoppers Can Scan Items in Stores for Home Delivery

The new service makes it more convenient to buy anything from TVs to patio furniture at the warehouse club.

Jeff Bezos
5 Things Jeff Bezos Didn’t Have to Worry About When Retiring Early

With billions to his name, Jeff Bezos doesn’t have to worry about these early retirement realities.

Unhappy women on a cloudy day
Lack of Sunshine May Raise Risk of This Cancer

Here’s why living in a cloudy climate is associated with higher rates of this cancer.

Retiree in Florida
The 10 Best Places to Retire in Florida

Florida remains a top retirement hotspot in the U.S. These cities are the best of the best.

Angry woman looking at phone
Complaints About Chime’s Banking Services Grow, New Report Says

ProPublica found customers have complained of difficulty accessing their own accounts.

Woman in thrift store
11 Secrets to Finding Quality Clothing at Thrift Shops

Here’s what to look for — and avoid — to buy secondhand clothing without sacrificing quality.

Unhappy airline passenger
New Rule Would Make Airlines Pay You Back for Bad Service

A proposed rule change could put money back into your pocket when promises are broken.

Man paying off debt
How to Pay Off $10,000 in Debt Without Breaking a Sweat

With a few simple steps, paying off your debt can be a lot easier than you think.

Man using a tablet computer in his kitchen while cooking
7 Unusual Tactics to Keep COVID-19 From Derailing Your Retirement

These atypical tips can help keep your golden years on track despite the pandemic.

Woman with migraine headache
This Dietary Change Can Reduce Migraine Headaches

Changing what is on your plate can reduce headaches by 30% to 40%, researchers say.

Woman in a nursing home
Can I Protect My Money If I Go Into a Nursing Home?

Medicaid covers long-term nursing home expenses. But you may have to spend down assets to qualify. Is there a way to work the system?

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