The 8 Wealthiest Cities in America

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Wealthy businesswoman in New York City
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America is home to the wealthiest city in the world, and it’s also where you’ll find a large chunk of those in the top 20.

That’s according to the Henley Global Citizens Report from residence and citizenship advisory firm Henley & Partners. The report is designed for “high-net-worth investors and their advisors, industry professionals, and policy makers” but offers some interesting information for the rest of us too.

Using data from New World Wealth — a wealth intelligence firm that tracks 150,000 of the world’s wealthiest individuals and property records — the report identifies the 20 cities home to the most millionaires and deserving of the title “the world’s wealthiest cities.”

Here’s a look at the ones in the U.S.

7. Dallas (tie)

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Dallas is one of three Texas cities to make the world’s wealthiest list and home to thousands of multimillionaires. It also has many “centimillionaires” (who are worth more than $100 million) and a handful of billionaires, according to the Henley Global Citizens Report.

7. Fort Worth, Texas (tie)

Fort Worth Texas
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While Dallas and Fort Worth share an airport, they aren’t exactly the same place — but the report lumps them together as the 18th wealthiest city in the world anyway.

Taken together, Dallas and Fort Worth comprise a metro that’s home to more than 92,000 people with investable assets of $1 million or more, known as “high net worth individuals.” Eighteen of those folks are billionaires, and more than 200 are centimillionaires.

6. Houston

Houston, Texas
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We haven’t left Texas yet, and we’ve jumped straight into the top 10 wealthiest cities in the world. On our list here, Houston is No. 6 wealthiest among American cities, but it is No. 8 globally. It’s home to more than 132,000 people with at least $1 million in investable assets and almost 6,600 of those HNWIs are multimillionaires.

Prior to the pandemic, we noted Houston was among “10 Cities With the Biggest Percentages of American Wealth,” and that clearly hasn’t changed.

5. Chicago

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The Windy City is home to numerous windfalls, ranking as the seventh wealthiest city in the world. More than 160,000 millionaires (HNWIs) live here, and 7,400 of them are multimillionaires.

3. Los Angeles (tie)

Los Angeles neighborhood in San Fernando Valley
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Los Angeles — which the Henley Global Citizens Report pairs with the following city on our list — is the sixth-wealthiest city in the world. According to the report’s descriptions for each city, it includes wealthy folks from one of the most famous ZIP codes in the country: 90210.

As we noted in “10 Markets Where Home Prices Now Are Falling,” L.A. is getting more affordable lately — but that’s relatively speaking since the median home listing price in June was just shy of $1 million.

3. Malibu, California (tie)

Malibu, California beach at sunset
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The report links Malibu, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach with the Los Angeles area too. Across this area live 34 billionaires and about 8,600 multimillionaires — among a total of more than 192,000 HNWIs.

2. San Francisco (Bay Area)

San Francisco, California
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It’s no surprise San Francisco is No. 2 on this list and No. 3 in the world — the area cited in the report includes all the wealth of Silicon Valley too.

There are more than 276,000 HNWIs with assets over $1 million residing in this area. More than 600 of them are worth $100 million or more, and 62 of those folks are billionaires.

1. New York City

New York City
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The Big Apple is home to the biggest money in the world. New York City edges out Tokyo as the world’s wealthiest city, with more than 345,000 folks with $1 million or more, among them 737 centimillionaires and 59 billionaires.