10 Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require a 4-Year Degree

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Working from home
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Today’s hot job market has many employers scrambling to fill positions. That means nearly anyone can land a job — even one that lets you work from home.

In fact, you don’t even need a college degree to work in your pajamas. FlexJobs, a subscription-based job board for remote and other flexible positions, recently identified 10 full-time jobs that let you work from home if you have at least an associate’s degree — or the equivalent years of job experience.

FlexJobs reports:

“Research into the trend of ‘downskilling’ by Payscale found that 50% of employers surveyed said that they’re hiring more employees with no formal college education and 69% said that their organization prioritizes skills over formal education or degrees when hiring new employees.”

The positions on the FlexJobs list — with average annual salary — are:

  • Biomed technician: $49,437
  • Care manager: $69,223
  • Certified data abstrator: $54,045
  • Client support analyst: $47,127
  • Inpatient medical coder: $40,747
  • Proposal manager: $76,821
  • Public affairs specialist: $61,393
  • Purchasing buyer: $53,760
  • Clinical quality performance specialist: $57,267
  • Senior consultant, data manager: $60,317

How to land a work-from-home job

Opportunities to work from home do not end with the list above. As we recently noted in “11 Surprising Jobs You Can Do From Home,” there are a bunch of jobs you can perform from the comfort of home.

There are also employers who specialize in offering these types of opportunities. You’ll find a list of them in “Which Companies Hire People to Work from Home?

Finally, remember that if a work-from-home position sounds too good to be true, it’s time to do a little more digging. As we have noted:

“The idea of staying home and working in your pajamas can sound really appealing. But use caution when you’re searching for such work. That great-sounding work-from-home job offer may be an internet scam in disguise.”

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