Review: NFL Extra Points Card From Barclaycard

How proud would you be to have your favorite NFL team's logo on your credit card? It's possible, and the card also has some other great perks for fans.

Review: NFL Extra Points Card From Barclaycard

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Barclaycard offers a credit card called the NFL Extra Points Card, which is geared specifically toward enthusiastic fans of the National Football League. As it turns out, the NFL Extra Points Card is a solid rewards card with a nice 0 percent introductory APR offer as well.


  • Large first purchase bonus. Cardholders receive 10,000 points when they make their first purchase. This is equal to $100 cash back in the form of a statement credit.
  • Earn points on all purchases. Cardholders earn two points for every dollar spent on NFL or team purchases, and one point per dollar spent on any other purchases. Points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel, NFL tickets, or cash-back statement credits. Points never expire.
  • discount. Cardholders receive a 20 percent discount when they use their NFL Extra Points Card to shop online at
  • 0 percent introductory APR period. The card offers a 0 percent introductory APR on both purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. After this period is up, the variable APR of between 13.74 percent and 22.74 percent applies.
  • No annual fee. There is no annual fee to use the NFL Extra Points Card.
  • Customized card image. The image on the front of your card can be themed to represent any one of the 32 NFL teams.


  • Points are hard to earn if you’re not an NFL fan. Cardholders earn only one point per dollar spent on purchases not related to the NFL. This can make it difficult to accumulate rewards points quickly.
  • Balance transfer fee. Although the card offers a solid 0 percent APR introductory period on balance transfers, it charges a 4 percent balance transfer fee on the amount of the transferred balance. This fee is higher than the standard 3 percent balance transfer fee you find on most cards.
  • Foreign transaction fee. The card charges a 3 percent foreign transaction fee on all purchases made outside of the United States.

Bottom line

Get it if: You are a big-time NFL fan with great credit, and want to take advantage of the significant discount as well as the double points on NFL purchases, in addition to the 12-month 0 percent introductory APR period on purchases and balance transfers.

Forget it if: You’re not the biggest fan of the NFL, or you have less than stellar credit.

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