Save Time and Money Cleaning Your House With These Simple Hacks

Cleaning is a necessary evil. But we have tricks that can save you cash, and get you through your chores more quickly.

Unless you’re vying for a guest spot on a reality show about dirty houses, you’re probably spending at least some of your day wiping down counters and wondering why nothing ever stays sparkling.

Wouldn’t you rather do your cleaning in less time and save money to boot?

We thought so. Here are a whole slew of cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

Use a caddy for your supplies

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It may not necessarily be a hack, but having a cleaning caddy is a smart move. When all your bottles, rags and other supplies are in one place, it makes it quick and easy to get the work done.

For more on making your own cleaning supplies, check out: “9 Expensive Cleaning Supplies You Could Easily Make for Pennies.”

Discover the many, amazing uses for vinegar

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This isn’t just one cleaning hack. It’s six cleaning hacks, most of them very hands-off. Here are all the miraculous things a little vinegar can do.

  1. Microwave a bowl of equal parts water and vinegar for five minutes as a disinfectant. Be very careful opening your microwave when the five minutes are up. Crack the door, and let it cool before using a rag to wipe down the inside.
  2. Soak the exhaust filters from above your stove in a mixture of vinegar and water to remove the cooked-on gunk. After soaking, rinse and return.
  3. Use a paper towel to rub vinegar on cloudy glasses to make them shine.
  4. Put vinegar in a baggie, and put it on your shower head. Use a rubber band to secure the bag and let it soak to remove buildup.
  5. Cover the bottom of a burned pan with vinegar and water. Heat to boiling, and then turn off and let it cool so you don’t burn yourself. Add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda, and scrub to make the pot shine again.
  6. Pull an old sock over your hand, spritz with vinegar and use it to wipe down dirty blinds.

The product is simply a miracle. Check out: “The Case for Vinegar — 83 Amazing and Environmentally Friendly Uses.”

Clean your grill with an onion

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Were you a little grossed out to hear that wire from grill brushes was accidentally ending up in food and being ingested? Yeah, me too.

Rather than using a wire bristle brush, use a long fork to spear half an onion. Rub the cut side on your grill grates as an alternate way to clean them.

Use a potato on your cheese grater

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If you still use a hand cheese grater, you know what a pain they are to clean. Depending on the cheese you’ve used, there’s a good chance it’s been mashed down in between the grates and is mocking your attempts to remove it.

Rather than losing your sanity trying to clean all the crevices, pull out a potato and grate that. Its flesh is stiff enough that it should slough away the cheese, and then you can easily rinse off the grater.


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