Save Your Favorite Monopoly Piece

If you don't vote, the little dog might get it. And could be replaced by a robot.

Save Your Favorite Monopoly Piece Photo (cc) by izzie_whizzie

The Christian Science Monitor reports somebody’s getting voted off the island…

In a new upgrade of the popular board game, parent company Hasbro is replacing one recognizable Monopoly game piece with a new Monopoly token, and it’s letting the public decide which one: the battleship, the car, the Scottie dog, the top hat, the old shoe, the iron, the wheelbarrow, or the thimble.

The new options are a robot, a helicopter, a guitar, a diamond ring, and a cat. You can vote at Monopoly’s Facebook page once a day until Feb. 5.

Most likely to go? The wheelbarrow. Nobody likes that thing.


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