Say Goodbye to These 4 eBay Features

Ebay's U.S. same-day delivery service officially has been retired. Find out what else is disappearing.

Say Goodbye to These 4 eBay Features Photo (cc) by JeepersMedia

Ebay’s U.S. same-day delivery service officially has been retired.

Ebay Now, as it was known, was among four features whose demise eBay announced in a blog post this week. The other three are mobile apps that will be shut down starting in the coming weeks.

The blog post explains:

While we saw encouraging results with the eBay Now service, we always intended it as a pilot, and we are now exploring delivery and pick-up/drop-off programs that are relevant to many more of our 25 million sellers, and that cover a wider variety of inventory that consumers tell us they want.

A pilot for scheduled delivery in the United Kingdom will continue.

Ebay Now enabled shoppers to purchase items from local sellers on eBay, schedule a same-day or next-day delivery time and get the items hand-delivered. It was available in New York, Chicago, Dallas and parts of the San Francisco Bay area.

The apps that eBay is ditching are eBay Valet, eBay Fashion and eBay Motors. Their functionality will be transferred to the flagship eBay app, according to the blog post:

We are starting with a focused effort to bring the best of eBay’s features and functionality together in one easy place for our customers.

The announcement of the end of these features follows eBay’s split from PayPal earlier this month.

Ebay’s chief product officer, R.J. Pittman, who wrote the blog post, tells CNET:

“As we’re coming in and trying to ignite a new future for eBay, we need to get focused and we need to put all of our most talented people on the platforms where all the action is.”

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