Couple riding bikes
7 Overlooked Ways to Cut Expenses in 2023

on January 4, 2023

Some of these less obvious ways to save are challenging, but the payoff can be big.

Frugal traveler
9 Expenses That Americans Keep Cutting Back On in 2023

on May 23, 2023

As inflation persists, consumers are reducing their spending in these areas.

Thoughtful woman or housewife considering canceling subscription or cutting cost
Cut These 11 Expenses Now If You Hope to Retire Early

on November 30, 2022

Do you like the idea of financial independence? Part of the FIRE equation is cutting costs.

Upset man worriedabout bills
7 Ways People Are Cutting Their Expenses in 2022

on August 19, 2022

Americans say they plan to build savings and drop these costs.

12 Surprising Ways to Cut Rental Car Expenses
12 Surprising Ways to Cut Rental Car Expenses

on October 15, 2014

Renting a car doesn’t have to put a dent in your bank account. Here are some ways to curb the costs.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish? 5 Expenses NOT To Cut
Penny Wise, Pound Foolish? 5 Expenses NOT To Cut

on March 23, 2009

When it comes to the economy, it seems the headlines get scarier every day. Which has many Americans looking for new ways to cut expenses and add to savings. But trimming some expenses may save some now but cost more later.

Upset woman looking at her electricity bill
8 Homeowner Expenses That Are Still Rising in 2023

on April 14, 2023

Americans from coast to coast say these bills became more expensive over the winter.

Woman says to stop using credit card
Could You Give Up These 7 Expenses to Save $36,000 a Year?

on April 14, 2023

You could save tens of thousands of dollars by setting aside these costs for just one year.

Over 50? Ditch These 7 Expenses Today
Over 50? Ditch These 7 Expenses Today

on April 13, 2023

Here are some quick ideas to erase unnecessary expenses, reduce the necessary ones and fatten your retirement savings.

Upset man worriedabout bills
11 Expenses That Quietly Drain Your Wallet

on April 12, 2023

It’s scandalously easy to overspend in these areas of your life.

Nurse and senior patient together
6 Ways to Get Help With Medicare Expenses

on March 20, 2023

Do you qualify for any of these plans or programs that help pay for Medicare costs?

sad man with empty wallet
9 Small Expenses That Are Bleeding Your Budget Dry

on March 16, 2023

Keep more of future paychecks by eliminating these unnecessary, budget-busting expenses.

Happy woman holding cash
15 Painless Ways to Cut Your Costs in 2023

on February 4, 2023

Follow these tips to save, so you’ll have money for things that really matter.

Man in winter coat setting thermostat
9 Extreme Ways to Slash Your Everyday Expenses

on January 19, 2023

These out-of-the-box ideas require big lifestyle changes, but they pay off with major savings.

Happy woman doing her taxes
8 Ways to Cut Your 2022 Taxes (If You Act Fast)

on December 14, 2022

Pass up these opportunities and you might regret it come April.

Woman counting extra money at laptop
11 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Slash Your Expenses

on September 9, 2022

If you’re overlooking any off these super-easy savings tactics, you’re throwing away money — possibly every month.

Black retirees worry about costs.
10 Common Expenses That Have Skyrocketed for Retirees

on June 2, 2022

It’s shocking to see how the purchasing power of a Social Security check has shrunk.

Woman checking out laundry detergent
4 Ways Shoppers Are Cutting Back on Groceries and Other Staples

on April 6, 2022

Surging inflation has led some shoppers to start cutting back on necessities.

A senior couple enjoys their retirement savings
23 Ways to Cut Costs for Retirement

on March 24, 2022

Whether you are saving for retirement or already retired, here are some cost-cutting tips for you.

Couple Senior w House
8 Ways to Cut Housing Costs in Retirement

on February 10, 2022

You’ll have more money to spend on what you enjoy if you can cut housing costs in retirement.

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