Determined man planning budget and finances
4 Key Financial Goals Everyone Should Have for 2024

on November 30, 2023

These money moves are a roadmap to financial success, no matter your current situation.

A federal income tax return with the filing status of married filing jointly
8 Benefits of Filing a Joint Tax Return

on November 28, 2023

If you’re married, you’ll need to decide how to file your taxes. Here’s why filing together might mean a larger refund.

young woman doing taxes
9 Ways To Cut Your 2023 Taxes (If You Act Fast)

on November 23, 2023

Pass up these opportunities, and you might regret it come April.

Home office shed
Can I Deduct That Home Office Shed in My Backyard?

on November 8, 2023

Could a backyard home office shed be your key to a lower federal income tax bill?

Serious woman in a professional setting computing numbers, possibly doing taxes or accounting or some other math at her desk
6 Money Metrics You Should Be Tracking

on November 7, 2023

How well do you actually understand your financial situation? If you can’t crunch these numbers, probably not well enough.

Rich person working on a yacht
8 Tax Tricks and Tactics Used by the Rich

on November 6, 2023

Learn the tips and tricks that might help you save on your taxes just like the wealthy.

Traveler in Thailand
8 Vacation Spots That Are Raising Tourist Taxes — or Might Soon

on November 6, 2023

If a trip is in your future, you may soon pay extra to visit these top destinations.

Aldi grocery store
9 Aldi Products That Are Better Than Brand Names

on October 25, 2023

Try some of these Aldi-brand favorites the next time you shop at the discount grocery store chain.

Hilton Head Island
11 of the Best Places To Retire on an Island

and on October 16, 2023

Check out these islands when you are ready to retire.

Tiny house
16 Places That Will Pay To Put a Tiny House in Your Backyard

on September 29, 2023

Some communities are offering big incentives for people to build little homes.

Happy high school student hugging excited friend with college acceptance letter
The 10 Hardest Colleges To Get Into in 2023

on September 22, 2023

These are the most selective universities in the country.

The 10 Most Crypto-Friendly Places in the World

on September 15, 2023

Discover the best countries for storing and building your cryptocurrency fortune.

Man with casket
17 States With Inheritance or Estate Taxes (and D.C.)

on August 25, 2023

There’s even one U.S. state that levies both an estate tax and an inheritance tax on its residents.

Host opening her front door to welcome guests
5 Summer Activities That Can Affect Your Tax Return

on August 16, 2023

Summertime often brings a lot of fun activities, but they could help or hurt your next tax return.

St Paul Minnesota
8 States That Are Cutting Retirees’ Taxes for 2023

and on August 9, 2023

These states are letting residents keep more of their retirement income in their pockets this tax year.

Couple reviewing financial documents
7 Times When Married Couples Should File Taxes Separately

on July 27, 2023

Married couples might have good reason not to file a joint federal income tax return.

Aldi store
10 Things You Should Know Before Shopping at Aldi

on June 6, 2023

Aldi is rapidly expanding — and for good reason.

Repair man showing his DIY tools for home repair
7 Tools that Every Home Should Have

on May 31, 2023

Check out these less obvious tools that every home should keep within reach.

Excited couple with the keys to their new home
7 Things Homebuyers Can and Should Haggle On

on May 30, 2023

You might be surprised by how many ways there are for homebuyers save on such a large purchase.

A young man smiles while sitting at his laptop and taking notes
7 of the Best Ways to Lower Your 2024 Taxes Today

on May 22, 2023

Make these moves now to lower next year’s tax bill.

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