Way to Save #125: Shop Your Long Distance

Internet sites like www.trac.org and www.abelltolls.com can help you find the best long distance calling plan for your needs. If you don’t have Internet access, go to the library. Remember: part of your monthly phone bill goes to pay for library Internet access, so use it! Even if you aren’t willing to go to the hassle of finding the best long distance deals, at least call your current long distance provider and make sure you’re on the cheapest plan for your needs. Before you start shopping long distance, be sure and look at a few bills to see what your calling patterns are. Do you make most of your calls to one person? Mostly night and weekends? How long are your average calls? How much do you typically spend? This type of information is important to know before you can find the best overall plan for your family. And, just as with other services, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. The way to do it is simply to say you’ve found a better deal elsewhere and ask your current company to match the rates. Don’t lie, however: they’re likely to verify the information.

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