10 Ways to Find Free Yoga Classes

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Online yoga classes became all the rage during the pandemic, but there are real benefits to attending an in-person class.

With a trained instructor present, you can receive specific feedback to ensure you’re using proper form — which helps prevent injuries and gives you an overall better experience.

Also, going to a class can be more fun and a great way to meet new people. While yoga studios are typically quite expensive, there are many free alternatives.

It’s easy to find free yoga videos and online classes, but finding in-person events can be a little more challenging.

To make your search a little easier, we’ve rounded up unique places to find the best free yoga classes.

1. Meetup

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If you’re looking for a local place to hone your downward dog, Meetup is a great website to start your search.

Meetup is an online community platform for finding and building local groups. It’s free to join and search for a group in your area that piques your interest.

When we checked, the site boasted 125 free yoga groups across the country. Most of these free classes are organized by individuals and happen in public places, like parks and gardens.

Some groups specialize in certain yoga styles — like vinyasa yoga, prenatal yoga and yin yoga — while others are more general and geared toward beginners.

Plus, there’s dozens of other groups focused on similar themes, like meditation, breathwork and mindfulness.

Once you find a group you like, check out their upcoming events to find a free yoga class near you. You can also receive notifications when a group you follow posts new events.

2. Facebook

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Many events these days are advertised on Facebook. Try searching for free yoga classes in your area.

There are also some Facebook Groups dedicated to sharing information about upcoming free classes.

You might find a nonprofit group offering a free yoga class to raise awareness for its cause, an outdoor event or a first-class-free deal at a yoga studio seeking to attract more business.

There are quite a few free yoga events out there — you just need to take the time to look for them!

3. Eventbrite

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Similar to Meetup, Eventbrite is an online platform where people post upcoming events — including some of the best free yoga classes.

Simply enter your city and search for “free yoga” to find classes and events near you.

From beginner to advanced yogi, it’s easy to find the right yoga course and class length for you.

While not all classes are free, each event clearly lists the price (if there is one) and you can purchase your tickets ahead of time online.

4. Yoga Studios and Fitness Stores

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Many health and fitness stores offer an occasional free yoga class.

Yoga studios also run promotions throughout the year, offering deals like one free class or a week of unlimited classes.

For example, CorePower Yoga in Denver offers a week of free studio classes with no commitment.

It never hurts to call local yoga studios in your area to ask if any instructors offer a free course or free trial. They might be happy to offer you one, even if it’s not publicly advertised.

Of course, these studios and fitness stores hope you’ll stick around and buy some yoga pants or sign up for a membership after you’re done with class, but there’s no obligation to buy anything.

5. Senior Centers

Older couple practicing yoga
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Trying to stay fit after 55 can be tough. But free yoga classes are a great way to improve mobility with minimum impact.

Local Area Agencies on Aging, Council on Aging centers and community recreation centers frequently offer free classes to older adults.

Many senior centers offer gentle yoga, chair yoga, tai chi and meditation classes — perfect for newcomers and those with limited mobility.

At the Winter Park Recreation Center in Florida, you can attend a free gentle yoga class every Thursday morning. All you need is a recreation center I.D. — which is free to all city residents.

Some community centers may offer these classes on a regular basis while others may only offer them occasionally.

Try Googling “free yoga class senior center + your city” to find classes at a community center or senior center near you.

6. Nonprofit-Hosted Events

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Some nonprofit groups offer the best free yoga classes. If you go to one of these events, you get to enjoy a free workout and learn about a cause that you might become passionate about.

These classes typically have suggested donation amounts, but they aren’t going to turn you away if you don’t donate.

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, area, Gorilla Yogis has hosted free events with proceeds going to Right to Know.

7. Colleges

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Some college health and wellness centers offer free yoga classes for students, staff and/or alumni.

Another potential way to get free yoga classes through a university is by participating in research.

Colorado State University recently offered a free eight-week yoga course as part of a study to understand how yoga affects balance in individuals with acquired brain injuries, including strokes.

Participants even got paid $20 for each yoga class assessment.

Typically, you can find research studies seeking participants on a college’s website. Try searching websites for the psychology department or the medical school.

8. Churches

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Some churches offer holy yoga courses. Holy yoga incorporates elements of Christianity into the practice of yoga, emphasizing faith, prayer and building a strong sense of community.

You don’t need to be a member of the church (or even be a religious person) to participate — holy yoga classes are open to the public.

Classes typically ask for a suggested donation, but you’re not obligated to donate.

9. Your Workplace

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You don’t necessarily have to work for a yoga studio to get free (or discounted) yoga classes. You might be able to get free yoga classes if you work for a gym or fitness company.

Other companies outside of the fitness industry have also started offering free yoga classes as a perk for employees. Employees receive a free yoga class, and the company gets healthier, less stressed employees. It’s a win-win.

Or your workplace may offer a fitness or gym membership stipend that you can put toward yoga courses in your area.

If your company doesn’t currently offer this perk, you might want to suggest it to your HR team. Free yoga classes could be a popular addition to a wellness program.

10. Free Online Yoga Classes

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Free online yoga classes may be easier to find than in-person events. YouTube, for example, has thousands of free online yoga videos for all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced yogis.

Free yoga videos from YouTube channels like Fightmaster Yoga or Yoga Journal can be an excellent resource for incorporating yoga into your daily routine.

Unlimited access to online classes via a YouTube channel can also help you hone your skills, and some platforms and videos may even provide live feedback from a yoga teacher.

If you’re not quite ready to meet up in real life, free videos can be a great resource to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home. And if you buy a basic yoga set for less than $30, you can also take it with you when you’re ready to try out in-person classes.

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